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Take Control of Your Life

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Who am I?

Hi, I'm Nikki, and I’m a truth seeker like you, and I’ve spent my life peeking under the surface of reality, trying to create a better future for myself, my family and the world.

I create a safe space for you to step outside of the status quo, and look at your life through new eyes.

Through my blog posts, ebooks and courses I empower people to live deliberate, sometimes unconventional lives, by teaching them whatever they need to know to make different choices and express their uniqueness.

Nikki H Stokes, The Truth Fairy

I believe...

  • That we all have an inner guidance system that gently pushes us towards the things that are best for us, if we only take the time to stop and listen
  • That information is useless if it doesn’t allow us to take practical, relevant action to change our lives
  • That there is no ONE right answer to any question, situation or problem, but instead we each need to discover our own unique answers
  • That the world is in serious need of upheaval, and that innovation and courage is what’s required to create the beautiful world our heart knows is possible
  • That the status quo is boring and yesterday’s news, and that the promise and potential of tomorrow is the most intoxicating and exhilarating thing in existence
  • That your future is in your hands and that you are capable of doing whatever it takes

Ready to get back in control?

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Sample - Break it Down

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What you'll discover inside this guide:

  • The one thing you're doing right now that guarantees you'll end up feeling overwhelmed and powerless
  • The daily habit you need to develop if you want to truly understand what's going on
  • Three different ways to build a strong support network and why you need one
  • How to make the most of your available time and energy
  • Two powerful questions you can ask to quickly eliminate distractions
  • Why trying to deal with everything at once is a recipe for disaster and what to do instead
  • How to stay positive when it seems like there's still so much to do
  • Four healthy ways to process your emotions when they start to overwhelm you
  • The secret trick that can stop you feeling bad in just moments
  • Why listening to your gut might be the most important thing you learn to do
  • Why slowing down actually will allow you to make progress faster

Let's get you back in control!

It's all too easy to feel totally out of control when you're dealing with big changes or difficult situations.

But how do you take charge when you're feeling so confused, overwhelmed and helpless?

Use my guide as a simple place to start, with easy, practical steps you can start taking today, to get you back in the driver's seat and headed in the right direction.

Take Control of Your Life

Ready to take back control?

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