Learn to meditate quickly with this high-tech gadget

Video - Learn to Meditate Quickly with this High-Tech Gadget

I’ve really struggled over the years with meditation, but with this high-tech gadget, I’ve discovered a way to conquer my over-active mind and achieve some amazing results.

Watch below to see my favourite high-tech way to meditate.


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Learn more about the emWave (or Personal Stress Reliever) from the Hearth Math Institute here:

Video Transcript

When I first started learning to meditate I was terrible at it, but then I found a gadget that made all the difference in the world.

Hi, I’m Nikki from ChoosingDifferently.com and today I want to share with you my favourite high-tech way to meditate.

So I’d heard about the benefits of meditation for years and I tried, I tried to make it work.

I tried so many different approaches but every time my brain would interfere.

I have a very strong mind and it would perk up with questions like:

  • “Am I doing this right?”
  • “How can I tell if it’s working?”
  • “What’s going on?”
  • “Am I focusing on the right thing?”

and I know that’s normal when you’re learning to meditate but I found really frustrating and discouraging and I gave up a few times.

But then I came across this really cool gadget called the emWave, also called the personal stress reliever or PSR, and it’s made by the Heart Math Institute in the United States.

And what it does is it gives you immediate feedback on how you’re doing with your meditation.

So it’s based around the concept of heart rate variability and it measures how variable your heart rate is.

Not how fast or slow it’s beating but how much that rate changes and the less it changes over time the better your health outcomes, your physiology and your response to stress.

And so basically it detects your heart rate – and it goes ping – and as you focus on your breathing in a certain way that they teach you and focus on those positive emotions and come into a state of relaxation you get immediate feedback using this on how you’re going.

And the idea is to change this red light at the top to blue and to green and that means you’re getting into a state of coherence or low heart rate variability.

And when I started using this device my skill in meditating just went up to a whole new level so quickly because I had that feedback, I learnt quickly what worked and honestly the best experiences I’ve ever had of meditation have been through using this device.

So I absolutely love this device and I probably should use it even more often than I do to create those amazing states of meditation and you really do learn very fast when you use it.

So I’m going to share a link to the emWave so you can learn more about it and that is my favourite high-tech way to meditate.

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