Are coffee enemas the ultimate detox tool?

Coffee Beans For Enemas

I hope I’ve been able to convince you to at least consider trying an enema for your health.

Many of the top natural healing treatment programs include coffee enemas as part of their protocol, most notably the Gerson Therapy, which also includes lots of raw, whole plant-based foods.

So what is a coffee enema, how do they work and why are they so important?

What is a coffee enema?

Firstly, a coffee enema is what’s called a “retention” enema.

The idea is to brew a strong batch of coffee, and use around 2 cups as an enema, inserting it (at body temperature) into the colon via the rectum.

You then “retain” the enema for around 15 minutes before expelling it into the toilet.

So, how do they work?

The caffeine in the coffee is absorbed through the walls of the colon, where it goes directly to the liver and encourages it to release bile and toxins.

The coffee also stimulates the liver to produce more of a substance called glutathione-S-transferase, which binds to toxins and helps transport them out of your body.

So basically, a coffee enema gets your body detoxing faster, which is ideal when your body is dealing with a toxic overload.

And an overload of toxins is thought to be the foundation for cancer and many of our modern diseases.

What benefits can you expect from doing a coffee enema?

Along with the big reduction in toxins, coffee enemas can also:

  • improve energy levels
  • help with depression
  • eliminate parasites and candida
  • improves bowel muscle tone
  • reduces bloating
  • helps with “die-off” symptoms during fasting or cleansing
  • improves digestion
  • helps to repair┬áthe liver

Important tips for coffee enemas

Some important things to keep in mind if you’re considering trying a coffee enema:

  1. It’s not the same as drinking coffee, because the coffee is undigested, so it works better
  2. You may notice some very mild caffeine effects (best not done directly before bedtime) but it’s not at all addictive
  3. You may need to check with your doctor in case it interferes with any conventional treatments
  4. Different types of coffee (light roast, dark roast, single origin)┬ácan have a different effect on detoxification (although there’s not much consensus)

To help you get started, I’ve put together a quick list of the top 10 tips for your first enema, and you can download it below:

My Top 10 Enema Tips

How to do a coffee enema

If you’re thinking about giving it a go, here’s a great overview of the coffee enema procedure:

Basic Coffee Enema Procedure @ S A Wilsons

Coffee enemas can be a great addition to any healing program, and I hope you’ll explore the possibility further.

And if you have any questions about coffee enemas, please comment below.

Have a fantastic day.

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