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Are you struggling with a life that feels out of sync and incomplete?

Do you spend your days searching for answers, trawling through mountains of information, trying to find the truth, but never really feeling satisfied?

Is there a splinter in your mind driving you crazy, telling you there has to be a better way? That the world needs to wake up and make some serious changes?

I’m a truth seeker like you, and I’ve spent my life peeking under the surface of reality, trying to create a better future for myself, my family and the world.

I've been there

I have been where you are so many times over the past 30 years…

  • I trained and worked as a scientist, but found myself questioning the methods and madness of such a soulless approach, and threw it all away to start my own business as an astrologer and then a soap maker
  • I looked at conventional childbirth options and decided instead to have a home birth, despite all of the naysayers and misinformation, and it was challenging but totally worth it
  • I struggled my whole life with allergies, eczema and other health issues and was determined to heal myself so my kids wouldn’t have the same issues. Seventeen years in and we’re doing great!
  • For decades I eschewed the esoteric and embraced only the logical, only to discover that opening up to my intuition brought me so much more joy and confidence
  • I ate a conventional, processed diet for the first 35 years of my life, and then discovered that eating a wholefood vegan diet was both pleasurable and powerful
  • I created a successful career centred around analytical thinking and online technology, and yet somehow never felt like I was doing my life’s purpose

In every situation, something felt off, and I had to take courage in hand, step back, and look at what was under the surface.

When I did, I was able to feel those gentle nudges moving me in a slightly different direction, and then begin to make the necessary changes in my life.

These experiences were difficult, often painful, and sometimes downright traumatic, but every time, when I chose to listen to that still, small voice, I ended up better off than I was before.

How it all began

I've been stubborn since I was a small child. 

My mother used to delight in telling the story of how my very first word was "No". (And I'm proud of that fact.)

I've also noticed over the years that as soon as someone tells me what I "should" be doing, I immediately want to NOT do whatever it is with every ounce of my being, almost without regard to sense or reason.

But I've come to understand that my so-called "stubbornness" was actually an instinctive reaction, designed to protect my inner guidance from outer influences.

Because my life's lesson has been, and will continue to be, about listening to and following my guidance, without reference to anyone or anything else, while still remaining informed, logical, reasonable and practical.

Not always an easy balance to walk, I can tell you.

And while it still scares the shit out of me, I also recognise that I've been compelled to do this my entire life - from choosing a home birth, to healing myself naturally, to running my own businesses, to questioning everything and always having to know "why" before I can accept anything.

It's who I am, and it's time to fully embrace it.

I believe...

  • That we all have an inner guidance system that gently pushes us towards the things that are best for us, if we only take the time to stop and listen
  • That gathering information is absolutely essential, and gets us so much closer to the right decisions for us, but it can only take us so far
  • That information is useless if it doesn’t allow us to take practical, relevant action to change our lives
  • That there is no ONE right answer to any question, situation or problem, but instead we each need to discover our own unique answers
  • That the world is in serious need of upheaval, and that innovation and courage is what’s required to create the beautiful world our heart knows is possible
  • That assessing information logically and rationally is critical to make sure we’re aren’t being led astray
  • That asking lots and LOTS of questions is an essential skill for anyone who wants to tease out the underlying truth of any situation
  • That life is too short to waste time on superficial, inefficient or irrelevant activities, which translates to a complete intolerance of time wasters
  • That learning to trust the Universe is absolutely essential if we’re ever to make the kind of difference we want to make, even though it can be ridiculously hard to do
  • That the status quo is boring and yesterday’s news, and that the promise and potential of tomorrow is the most intoxicating and exhilarating thing in existence
  • That your future is in your hands and that you are capable of doing whatever it takes

Why me?

I have a unique blend of qualifications and personal experience that have helped me to navigate the challenges of making my own decisions and living a conscious, deliberate life.

Here's a few of them that might be of interest to you:

  • Completed a Bachelors Degree of Science (with Honours), majoring in Genetics and Biochemistry, with a minor in Statistics, followed by a Graduate Certificate in Computing at Monash University
  • Published over 70 recipes and articles on my wholefood vegan blog, Eating Vibrantly, since 2013
  • Ran a specialist computer hardware business with my husband for nearly 14 years
  • More than 15 years experience in digital marketing and 20 years in coding and website development
  • Fully qualified professional astrologer, through the Australian Academy of Astrology & Cosmobiology
  • Certified Reiki practitioner and trained intuitive with Six Sensory (Level I) and Matrix Energetics
  • Other informal trainings, including homeopathy, touch for therapy, EFT and non-violent communication

It's a bit of an eclectic mix, but it's what I've needed to help me make my way through a life that was out of balance and out of touch.

Some other quirky facts about me:

  • I was born on February 22, with my Sun in Pisces, my Moon in Aquarius and my Ascendant in Pisces - I'm definitely a water baby with an eye for the future!
  • I come up as either an INFJ or an INFP in the Myers Briggs system, depending on my mood
  • In the "How to Fascinate" model I'm Mystique + Innovation, which equals the Secret Weapon
  • In Ainslie MacLeod's The Instruction I'm a Spiritualist, a Thinker and an Educator
  • And in Cerries Mooney's Archetypes I'm primarily an Alchemist and then a Creator

I also have a library of more than 500 physical books and 400 ebooks on a HUGE range of topics, from natural health to personal finance, and I love to constantly research, read and learn.

And then of course, there's the 40+ years of personal experience, and the fact that every single day I am still learning, exploring, discovering and creating my life in a way that works for me.

What I can offer you

Even with all of that, I don't know everything and I most definitely do NOT have all the answers.

In fact, I'm here to help you find YOUR answers, which might be completely different from mine, and that's exactly how it should be.

Through my blog posts, ebooks and courses I empower people to live deliberate, sometimes unconventional lives, by teaching them whatever they need to know to make different choices and express their uniqueness, while remaining immersed in a society that encourages conformity and quiet surrender.

I create a safe space for you to step outside of the status quo, and look at your life through new eyes.

If you would like support, inspiration and tools to help you as you take back control of your life and begin to live it on your own terms and by your own rules, please connect with me in whatever ways suits you best:

I look forward to interacting with you, and helping you to live a life of YOUR choosing.

Nikki H Stokes, The Truth Fairy

About Nikki H Stokes

The Truth Fairy

Bachelor of Science (with Honours) in Genetics (minors in Biochemistry and Statistics), Graduate Certificate of Computing, Professional Certificate of Astrology, Reiki Practitioner III, Six Sensory I, Matrix Energetics II

I've been making unconventional choices my whole life, and now I want to share what I've discovered along the way to empower you to live an authentic life. I love sharing stories, tips and resources to support you as you take control of your life, find alternatives, think for yourself, choose differently and create life on YOUR terms.

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